Martin M2tango and Anna Sol

Martin M2tango and Anna Sol



Enjoy the video and expirence the joy of Tango dance.

Come and see the wonderfull live show saturday evening in Domen.

Martin and Anna will give the following workshops:


Friday 11. of august:


Time: 10 am - 1 pm ( 10 - 13 )

Level 2) Intermediate

Dynamic musicality - melody, rhytm and inspiration from you partner.


Time: 2 pm - 3.30 pm ( 14 - 15.30 )

Level 1) Beginners - The first movements.


Time: 6 pm - 8 pm ( 18 - 20 )

Practica in Domen, open to all workshop participants.


Saturday 12. of august:


Time: 10 am - 1 pm ( 10 - 13 )

Level 3) Intermediate/advanced

Basics for your Circular movements.


Time: 2 pm - 3.30 pm ( 14 - 15.30 )

Level 2) Intermediate

Master the boleo.


Time: 4 pm - 5.15 pm ( 16 - 17.15 )

Technique classes.

For Women Only: Anna

Only for men: Martin & Linus



Anna and Martin are one of Europes most experienced and active teachers, performers and DJs of Argentinian tango.

With their 15 years in the world of tango they run two of the biggest tango schools in Scandinavia at a regular basis and tour around in different countries during weekends.

Their dance is characterized by simplicity, stability, elegance and a profound musicality that is mesmerizing! They make a splendid combination of fluent soft movements and sharp explosions, all in the interpretation of the music with a dramatic and emotional touch.

As teachers they complete each other well in presence, high technical skills and humour, and their classes are often visited by students coming again and again.

For more information about Anna and Martin visit their websites and

We are happy to present our great instructors and showdancers.

Next time: th.9 to th.12 of august 2018






9 to 12 of august 2018 on the Beautiful island of Bornholm