Linus Aabye and Camilla Marie Dahlgreen

Linus Aabye and Camilla Marie Dahlgreen


Linus and Camilla will give the following workshops:

Friday 11. of august:

Time: 10 am - 1 pm ( 10 - 13 )

Level 3) Intermediate/advanced - Turnings with dynamic

and energy.

Time: 2 pm - 3.30 pm ( 14 - 15.30 )

Level 2) Intermediate

Time: 4 pm - 5.15 pm ( 16 - 17.15 )

For Women Only: Camilla

Saturday 12. of august:

Time: 10 am - 1 pm ( 10 - 13 )

Level 2) Intermediate - Ganchos for men and women


Time: 2 pm - 3.30 pm ( 14 - 15.30 )

Level 1) Beginners - The next steps.


Time: 4 pm - 5.15 pm ( 16 - 17.15 )

For Women Only: Anna

Only for men: Martin & Linus

Technique classes.


Enjoy the video and let it speak for it self.

Come and ses the wonderfull live show Friday evening at the Milonga in Domen in Allinge.



Linus and Camilla have been a dance couple since 2013. They dedicate

themselves to the great heritage of the old maestros of tango. For

years Linus studied in Buenos Aires with the famous, virtuose dancer

José "el Turco" Brahemcha, and was educated with his elegant style and

masterly creative steps. Together Linus and Camilla have been studying

the classic old style from the fifties with maestro Carlos Perez and

partner Rosa Forte, the maestros of many a reward winning couple of

the Argentine World Tango Championship. From legendary Natalia Hills

and partner Alejandro Aquino, formerly historic dance member of the

orchestra of the great Osvaldo Pugliese, they have got the strong and

dynamic tango transferred through these two great dancers from masters

as Pepito Avellaneda and Antonio Todaro, two of the most influential

and personal dancers in our time.

"We focuse on the sensations in the dance and in the equal work that

both parts have in tango. Tango is a very strong dance, it takes two to

explore and master. The steps are beautiful inventions and we love

the creativeness in them, but also always seek for the whole content

in them - how to do them and experience their virtuosity in a close

interaction with the partner."


On a daily basis Linus and Camilla teach in their own place called

TANGOBAR in Copenhagen.

Their scene products together have been choreographies for the Bergen

International Festival and Norilsk Parallels Festival.


We are happy to present our great instructors and showdancers.

Next time: th.9 to th.12 of august 2018






9 to 12 of august 2018 on the Beautiful island of Bornholm