Ther are 5 posibilitys. It is up to you to deside how much you want to dance.

Look carfully and take your time to deside. Learn more:

Workshops will be friday 10. and saturday 11. of august.

There will be 4 levels + Young, under 30.

10 am - 1 pm (10-13) Intensiv work in small groups, max.12 couppels.

2 pm - 3.30 pm (14-15.30) 4 Workshops - 4 levels.

4 pm - 5.15 pm (16-17.15) Technique, for men only or for women

only or speciel workshop for advanced.

6 pm - 8 pm (18-20) Pracitca in Domen, only for workshop paticipans.


I want it all, Festival all incl.

€ 220 or 1650

I am looking for Intensiv work

€ 160 or 1200

I want to sleep late

€ 170 or 1250

I am new in Tango

€ 130 or 950

I am under 30 ;-)

€ 85 or 625


There will be 4 levels + under 30.

Level 1: Beginner, I have never danced Tango before.

Level 2: I have danced from 1-3 sesons and I know the basic.

Level 3: I have danced a lot and I want to know more.

Level 4: I am good and I want to be better.

Under 30: I am yong, curious and I love to dance Tango.


All workshops take place in Allinge. Less then 10 mins. walk from Domen. All rooms have a comfortable floor for dancing and good space.

When you sign up, you will get a plan for your workshops, so it will be easy to finde your way around in Allinge.

Take good care of time and place for your workshop,

so you will not be late.

All workshops start on time.

We are happy to present our great instructors and showdancers.


All workshops: Package list with instructors, prices and what you receive:


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