Pablo Velez and Daniela Kizyma

Pablo Velez and Daniela Kizyma



Pablo and Daniela will teach the following workshops:

Friday 11. of august:

Time: 10 am - 11.15 pm

Level 4) Giro and turns

11.30 pm - 13 am

Level 4) Vals

Time: 2 pm - 3.30 pm ( 14 - 15.30 )

Level 3) Intermediate/advanced - Enganches y barridas


Saturday 12. of august:

Time: 10 am - 11.15 am

Level 4) Experienced - High sacadas and ganchos

11.30 - 13

Level 4) Soft sacadas for man and ladies

Time: 2 pm - 3.30 pm ( 14 - 15.30 )

Level 3) Intermediate/advanced - Voleos and colgadas

Time: 6 pm - 8 pm ( 18 - 20 )

Practica - Pablo & Daniela



Enjoy the video and let it speak for it self.

Come and see the most beautiful live Show Saturday evening at the concert in Allinge.


Pablo Hernan Velez (August 30, 1985) and Daniela Carla Kizyma (May 2, 1981), professional tango dancers from Buenos Aires since 1997.

They studied at Lanus Tango school, where they met and have danced togheter since 2006, starting their professional career by teaching at "Mora Godoy tango school", in Buenos Aires. They have performed in several shows, such as "Tanguera the Musical" in Chile, "Pasiones company", dancing in the main theaters of Italy, Greece , Spain, Israel and Hong Kong; "Juki Tango company" presented in Okinawa, Japan; "Balada para mi muerte" By Hernan Piquin, in several cities of Argentina.

They are teachears and performers in several Tango festivals of the world, such as "Connecticut Tango Festival" , " Belfast Tango Festival" , "Mersin Tango Festival", "Wuppertal Tango Festival" among others.

In Buenos Aires they have performed in the most important Tango houses like "Viejo Almacen", "Madero Tango", "Che Tango". "Gala Tango".

Actually dancing at the "La Ventana tango show"

They caress themselves in their shows with a passion from dancing, and each other. The special quality of their dance lies in the precision of their movements.


We are happy to present our great instructors and showdancers.

Next time: th.9 to th.12 of august 2018






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