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9 to 12 of august 2018 on the beautiful island - Bornholm

Workshops & Milongas & Concerts

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Workshops are in 2 groups: 1) for beginners and 2) for specific topics.


Milongas are in Domen and on the harbourfront. Concerts are in Domen.


Let your desire for knowledge be fulfilled & your joy of dancing shine in Domen



Dj Django

Thursday - friday & saturday

15 - 18 at the Street Milonga


Oppening evening

Performance by

Karim & Andres

Dj Marcela & Ruben

Thursday at 20 - 01 in Domen


Show Night

Shows by

Pablo & Daniela

Fernando & Natalia

Dj Luis Cono

Friday at 21 - 01 in Domen


Live music

„Cuarteto Ángel“ at 21-23

Dj Django

Saturday at 20.00 - 02 in Domen


Cool down

Easy listening & dance by

"Egholm & Eika " at 15 -16

Dj Django

Sunday at 14 - 17 in Domen







Fernando & Natalia


Pablo & Daniela



1) 11.30 - Elegant walking and slow movements.

2) 14.00 — Ochos and rebounds.



3) 11.30 — Embrace connection in the giro and sacadas.

4) 14.00 — Beginners: First steps.



5) 11.30 — Vals : double tempo and turnings.

6) 14.00 — Out of axis movements and ganchos.

Fernando & Natalia:



7) 11.30 — Tango salon steps, men and ladies technik.

8) 14.00 — Improvisation, pivots and small enrosque.



9) 11.30 — Vals: musicality, fluidity in cadencias.

10) 14.00 — Sacadas and boleos, change of dynamic.



11) 11.30 — Analysis of sequences for different orchestras (musicality).

12) 14.00 — Beginners: Starting by the music.



Full booked

Marcela & Ruben



13) 11.30 — Atrapadas and


14) 14.00 — Beginners.



15) 11.30 — Milonga basics.

16) 14.00 — Barridas and planeos.


16 - 17 - Ruben, Only for men

Marcela, Only for Ladies


Orcestras -


"Cuarteto Ángel"

Cuarteto Ángel, founded in 2001, has developed into one of the most important german Tango bands. With palpable enthusiasm the five artists play music, which draws its strength from the seemingly contradiction of solemn melancholy and vehemently pulsing energy. With their

interpretations of traditional argentine Tangos as well as Tango Nuevo compositions of Astor Piazzolla they prove good Tango is also found in Europe. The musicians join together from diverse backgrounds including Jazz, Classic and Tango. Combining these influences, they bring light to their own individual and distinctive style their arrangements. The number of original compositions in their repertoire keeps growing, as well.

In their Interpretations and Compositions, the 5 young Musicians from Berlin, proof their unique ability to combine elements of the Guardia Vieja with the Golden Era of the 40´and 50´s aswell as the Tango Nuevo. Always aware - as one can see from the title of their first CD “Danzarin” (2004) - that the dance and music form an inseparable unit. One of the most important european Tango bands!



"Egholm & Eika ", cello og guitar

From Copenhagen

Baltic Sea Tango Festival 2018 will mark the official debut of the duo Egholm & Eika.

Jonas Egholm and Torbjørn Eika are students at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. Jonas (Guitar) has won numerous prizes and played concerts in both Denmark, Germany, Japan and China. Torbjørn (cello) graduated in Denmark and later studied contemporary music performance in Brazil. On top of many years of experience in classical music he has also played with major Danish pop and hip hop artists.

Egholm & Eika will present a variating program with the crispy rhythms and beautiful sound colours of the guitar and the cello.





„Cuarteto Ángel“

Saturday at 21 in Domen


Piano - Fernando Bruguera

Bandoneón - Christian Gerber

Violine - Bernhard von der Gabelentz

Kontrabass - Rodolfo Paccapelo

"Egholm & Eika "

Sunday at 15 in Domen



Karim & Andres

Thursday at 22 in Domen


Dancers -


CV Daniela Y Pablo

We are Pablo Velez and Daniela Kizyma, tango dancers from Buenos Aires since 1997. For ten years we are dancing togheter, developing our own style, studying technics wich allows to feel confortable, confident and elegant at any level .

In Buenos Aires we principally work at " La Ventana Tango Show", most original tango house of our city where played Maestro Lazzari, bandoneon from D Arienzo. We have also worked at "Viejo Almacen", "Madero Tango", among others.

Every year we travel to teach and perform at tango schools and milongas, such as " Casa Latina" Braunschweig, Germany; "Academia tango" Szczecin, Poland; institute of "liv, lerning & lindeskab" Copenhague, Denmark; "Academia del Tango" Athens, Greece, among others

We have participated in Wuppertal Tango Festival, edition 2016 and 2017 performing at the mythical Stadthall.

In August 2017 we participated in Bornholm Tango Festival, Denmark



CV Marcela & Ruben

In the last years Marcela Troncoso & Ruben Marin has started an interesting cooperation. Marcela from Buenos Aires and Ruben born in Chile. Bout tango dancers, teachers and organizers, based in Malmö. Together as dance couple they performed in big scenes like Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg, Konserthuset i Malmö, Västerås Konserthuset, With live music from among others Orquesta Tipica Tangarte, .Göran Söllscher, Malmö symfoniorkester.

They teach together in Lund and Malmö, and organize Milonga Zum in Lund.



CV Fernando & Natalia

Both of them were born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For more than 20 years they have been dancing, and teaching.

Taken root in Madrid, nowadays each one manages his own tango classes and together they do artistic collaborations and education in tango festivals, tango meetings and theatres, outside and inside Spain.

A little more:

Natalia Vicente, is teacher of classic, contemporary and tango dance. 
From 1996 to 2001 she formed part of the Ballet Folclórico Nacional Argentino, travelling with them all over the country and collaborating with Julio Bocca in his spectacle "AnDanzas"; also in Japan and Albania. 
During 2001 and till 2003, she was “cover” of the protagonist of the International spectacle "Tanguera", represented in diverse cities of Buenos Aires, Santiago of Chile and Madrid. 
From the beginning of 2003, she resides in Madrid, carrying out the teacher's labor and taking part in multiple tango festivals, performings and shows in: Madrid "Che bandoneon", Malaga, Granada "Tango Tempo y Arte ", Almeria, Barcelona "Peter Pan", Benicasim, London, Berlin, Sitges, Portugal "Tangotan", Tarbes "Conceptango", "TangoPies", Istanbul concert of "Ensamble" as invited artist, Galicia, Bonn, Pau, Prayssac, Valencia, Egypt " A Puro Tango ".

Fernando Nahmijas began to dance Tango in 1997 in Lanús's neighborhood -Buenos Aires, As winner of the Torneos Juveniles Bonaerenses at the age of 17 he traveled to Europe for the first time. He had the fortune of working together with Dina Martínez (2001 to 2004) as assistant at his classes, learning directly from her, the pedagogy that would mold his own education.

In 2003 Fernando Nahmijas forms dance partner with Valeria Cuenca,They danced together for 14 years. With her, he formed the successful dance school and took part in different workshops and tango festivals ("Coleurs Tango"-Paris; "Silvestre"-Wuppertal; "Baztango"-Zestoa; "Encuentro con los grandes"-Madrid; etc), and tango shows ("Tango de los pies al corazón"-Teatro Calderón de Madrid-; "A puro Tango"-The Cairo-; "Buenos Aires, el tango y el vino"-Teatro Nuevo Alcalá de Madrid-, "Che Bandoneón" -Gran Canaria-; etc); he also danced with recognized orchestras as " Fervor of Buenos Aires", "Quatriccelli", "Tango Quattro", "Narcotango", "Hyperion", "Ensamble Nuevo Tango", "Petitte Roulotte", etc., and musicians like Jorge Lema, Kepa Junkera, Fabián Carbone, etc.. All this allowed him to travel much, compare and contrast the tango in different cultures.


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