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We started our work in Domen in 2015 with a Storyteller workshop for young Europeans. In 2016 we did an event day and night with workshops, teater, dinner and concerts. AND now, in 2017, it will finally be TANGO. For 4 days, the beautiful room will be filled with tango music, workshops, Milongas and Shows. The floor will be layed with a wooden dance floor, so all paticipans can dance with their beautiful shoes.


Story of DOMEN

Domen is build for Folkemødet - The People's Political Festival - Denmark’s Political Festival on Bornholm. The idea: Folkemødet is a meeting of people and politicians, where Bornholm provides the venue for Danish politicians to debate current political issues. Domen was originally a temporary pavilion in 2012 and 2013. It is now a permanent building, which must be both a community hall for the annual Folkemødet and provide a framework for exhibitions, debates and cultural activities throughout the year.


Sign up for photographer sesion and/or morning Yoga on the terrace at Domen overlooking the sea.

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As a special posibility we can

link you to superb photographers, living on Bornholm, who you

can book for a photo sesion

during Milonga, concert or a

spot of your choise in Allinge.

" Asado "

Best Quality at Grønbechs restaurant Friday evening from 6 to 8.30 pm. (Milonga starts at 09:00) An Asado is a common meal, with grilled meat, wines and salads. All having a good time together while eating and drink as much as they want.


Price: 300 dk.kr or 40 €


Book your ticket with:


No later than the. 4 of august.

Morning Yoga

Sign up for morning Yoga

on the terrace at Domen

overlooking the sea.

Friday, saturday and sunday

at 8.30 - 9.30.



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